Shopping Center

“Shopping Center” is an installation referencing shopping malls; regionally-sized, fully enclosed commercial complexes that offer a range of product and inventory all in one place—the physical older cousin to shopping online.

Pre-Internet, consumers would rush to the mall to find gems in the overstocked and overflowing shelves of department stores. Spanning parking lots, loud food courts, and department store music; the mall was considered a critical source of data on emerging trends. Without the Internet, consumers relied on different forms of media to understand culture; print magazines, books, flyers, radio, television, and the mall.

The first shopping mall was created in the United States in 1956. For suburban communities, malls offered the concept of high-traffic, commercial streets common in metropolitan areas. Stock was often allocated regionally and one would be forced to drive to another region physically if an item was sold out.

“Shopping Center” was made possible by Reebok.


Mixed media
7′ x 12′ x 20′